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Pressure Washing plus Soft Washing for all Your Paving

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About us

Hi, I’m Tony Howes, I own and run Stonewashpro.

Based in Shepperton, Surrey, we offer a dedicated patio and driveway cleaning service.

We cover all surrounding areas and whilst the majority of our work is residential, commercial premises are also considered.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and our ability to refresh the appearance of your paving with our specialist cleaning equipment. Using the latest methods, our focus is on keeping your paving looking cleaner for longer.

With a powerful combination of our high grade, commercial quality pressure washers and our high grade, low-pressure soft-washing sprayers, we can remove general surface grime along with moss, mould, lichen and algae. Commonly known as blackspot and whitespot.

Once 'professionally' cleaned and treated, your paving will stay cleaner for longer.

Our Process

1. Pressure Washing

Firstly, our pressure washer removes general dirt, grime and many surface stains.

2. Soft Washing

Secondly, our low-pressure sprayer applies a safe and highly effective soft-wash solution, cleansing and sanitizing your paving even further by killing the spores of organic based stains such as moss, mould, lichens and algae.

Depending on the severity of any organic growth, we may pre-treat the surface prior to pressure washing.

Note: Soft Wash treatments will treat the root cause of any growths without damaging surfaces or harming the environment in any way.

It does not bio-accumulate and breaks down rapidly on contact with soil giving it a very low environmental footprint.

Once it is dry, it is harmless to children and pets.

Our two-stage process ensures your paving stays cleaner for longer.



Should your driveway require re-sanding after cleaning, we can offer this service for you. The cost of this is calculated whilst on site.

Note: To re-sand block paving correctly, the surface must be completely dry. This is often carried out the following day, weather permitting.

Our equipment is petrol driven, fully portable and simply requires an outside tap at site.

We respect the environment in which we work, taking care to carry out our service with minimum disruption to your household. Whilst every precaution is taken to avoid accidental damage, we are covered by public liability insurance.

We operate throughout the year keeping your paving looking its very best.


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