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About us

Hi, I’m Tony Howes, proprietor of stonewashpro.

We offer pressure washing services for patios, driveways, pathways and car parking areas.

Our work is mostly residential, but commercial premises are also considered.

We are based in Shepperton and cover all surrounding areas.

Combining pressure washing with specialist detergents we can achieve far better results than with pressure washing alone. Our powerful combination of soaps and cleaning solutions removes general surface grime along with moss, mould, lichen and algae. Commonly known as blackspot and whitespot.

Our Process

1. Pre-treatment

Firstly, we can apply a safe and highly effective cleaning solution to soften the grime and
break down organic based growth.

2. Pressure Washing / Jet Washing

Secondly, our pressure washers remove general surface grime and organic based growth, leaving your paving looking clean and bright. Where required, a second application of our solutions can be applied to remove stubborn lichens.

Our equipment is petrol driven and simply requires a water supply at site.

We respect the environment in which we work, taking great care to carry out our service with minimum disruption to your premises. We are covered by public liability insurance.

Operating throughout the year, we keep your paving looking its very best.

Stonewashpro Commercial

Stonewashpro commercial is our service dedicated to the appearance of commercial premises where customers’ arrival experience is of upmost importance.

Commercial buildings can benefit greatly from cleaner pathways, paved areas, parking bays, rendered surfaces and stonework.

General surface grime and organic based stains can dull the appearance of any building and
where colonisation of algae is present, pathways can become slippery, creating a hazard to
both visitors and staff.

We can remove organic based stains and prevent re-colonisation of algae promoting a safer environment.

We specialise in the cleaning and treatment of these areas by combining pressure washing with soft washing technology, which is safe, damage free and gives longer lasting results than pressure washing alone.

Soft washing detergents kill the spores of organic based growth ensuring that surfaces are left cleansed, sanitized and bright.

Our aim is to enhance your customers’ arrival experience and reduce health and safety risks.

For a site visit and a free quotation, please contact myself, Tony Howes, proprietor, on
07719 122377 or email me at

British Marine Offices

Fire Escape Staircase Cleaning

Fire escape staircases need to be maintained in order for businesses to comply with the latest health and safety regulations and routine safety audits. It is a legal requirement as part of British Standard Guide to Building Maintenance Management BS8210 which provides protection for both visitors and staff in the event of an emergency.

Stonewashpro commercial clean fire escape staircases, thoroughly removing surface grime, algae, moss and other hazardous growth.

Our detergents kill the spores of organic based growth preventing rapid re-colonisation of algae and moss, keeping surfaces cleaner for longer.

British Marine Offices

British Marine Offices

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is a safe and highly effective low pressure cleaning
method. It allows cleaning and sanitizing using low-pressure
equipment that will effectively clean and sanitize exterior surfaces
with a soft washing solution.

Soft washing takes a scientific approach to cleaning by using quality
eco-friendly Soft-wash products blended for all kinds of projects.
Soft washing is the science behind organic growth; this gives a
greater understanding into the most likely causes of organic growth
and discolouration.

Most of the dirt around properties is living organic bio film or carbon.
Soft wash treatments will treat the root cause of the growths, and kill
the spores, without damaging surfaces or harming the environment in
any way.

Soft washing treats unwanted biological growth, fungus, moss, red
and green algae, bacteria, lichen, pollen, mould and other forms of
embedded growth on an exterior surface.

Soft washing is the fastest and most effective hard surface cleaning
method in the UK market producing excellent results. Soft washing
can keep surfaces clean for up to 5 years following treatment
dependant on weather conditions and position of property.

It does not “bio accumulate” and breaks down rapidly on contact with
soil to give it a very low environmental footprint. So once dry it is
harmless to children and pets.

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